For information about immunization of travellers who are immunocompromised refer to Immunization of immunocompromised persons in Part 3, vaccine-specific chapters in Part 4, and the CATMAT Statement on the immunocompromised traveller. Accessed January 2017 at:, Committee to Advise on Tropical Medicine and Travel. Individuals born in developing countries are more likely to be immune to HA; therefore, testing for immunity before administering HA vaccine to persons from HA endemic countries should be considered. most people seeking permanent residence in Canada; foreign nationals seeking temporary residence in Canada for 6 months or more, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You will not receive a reply.

Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website. This is called an upfront medical exam.

Other protective measures, such as sanitation and hygiene, food precautions, insect or animal bite prevention, and injury prevention, are also essential for health protection while travelling and are complementary to immunization. Information about immunization requirements and recommendations related to travel is available from travel health clinics or public health agencies. Even if a traveller is departing at short notice, a pre-travel consultation is recommended. The traditional endemic areas of the world include the savannah areas of sub-Saharan Africa, extending from Gambia and Senegal in the west to Ethiopia and Western Eritrea in the east.

Some travel-related infections, such as hepatitis A, typhoid, and rabies, are more likely to occur in pediatric travellers than in adult travellers. As part of this program, refugees start the series of certain ACIP-recommended vaccinations during their overseas medical examination, before travel to the United States. This questionnaire is about any previous or existing medical conditions.

Influenza vaccine uptake: Results from the 2015/16 national influenza immunization coverage survey in Canada Vaccine uptake in Canadian children: Highlights from childhood National Immunization Coverage Survey Travellers to rabies endemic areas where there is poor or unknown access to adequate and safe post-exposure management, as well as frequent and long-term travellers to high-risk areas should be considered for pre-exposure rabies immunization. Although usually accepted, the International Health Regulations do not compel any country to accept an International Certificate of Medical Contraindication to Vaccination. Measles, mumps and rubella are endemic in many countries and therefore protection against these diseases is especially important for travellers. Recommendations for modification of the routine immunization schedule in relation to travel follow. Accessed January 2017 at:, Committee to Advise on Tropical Medicine and Travel. Statement on Hepatitis Vaccines for Travellers. Accessed March 2015 at:

Some vaccines are expressly required by statute. Accessed January 2017 at:, Committee to Advise on Tropical Medicine and Travel. For protection against travellers' diarrhea, vaccination with cholera and travellers' diarrhea vaccine is of limited benefit and is not routinely recommended, except for high-risk travellers who are 2 years of age and older. If a panel physician associated with the International Organization for Migration does your immigration medical exam, they may offer you vaccines to update your immunization status before you arrive in Canada. Previously immunized adult travellers should receive a booster dose of tetanus and diphtheria toxoid-containing vaccine every 10 years.

We’ll automatically give you 90 days to complete this step. In cases where there is insufficient time for the optimal immunization schedule, refer to the vaccine-specific chapters in Part 4 for the suggested rapid or accelerated schedule. Refer to the WHO  map of the countries or areas at risk for JE. Pre-travel consultation affords an opportunity for health care providers to review the traveller's itinerary and to develop appropriate health protection recommendations.

Can Commun Dis Rep 2010;36(ACS-2):1-43. You must attach that form to your paper application. In addition to the routine immunization schedule, certain vaccines may be recommended for people newly arrived in Canada as follows: Vaccination against HA should be considered for people from countries that are endemic for HA. Refer to CATMAT Statement on international travellers and typhoid and Typhoid vaccine in Part 4 for additional information. Statement on International Travellers Who Intend to Visit Friends and Relatives. The pre-travel consultation is an opportunity to give the adult booster to those who may not otherwise seek immunization from a vaccine provider.
Travellers to South Asia (including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) 2 years of age and older should be offered typhoid vaccine. Refer to the CATMAT Summary of recommendations for the prevention of viral hepatitis during travel for additional information on rapid dosing schedules. Evidence-based clinical guidelines for immigrants and refugees. Refer to Hepatitis A vaccine in Part 4 for additional information.

Les agents d’Immigration Canada font preuve d’une grande vigilance et refusent l’entrée sur le territoire en cas de doute sur le motif du séjour et la probité des voyageurs. For information on the medical examination process for adoptees, see International Adoption: Health Guidance and the Immigration Process. If you apply online, you must upload that form before you can submit your application. Statement on Older Travellers. Consultation with an infectious disease or travel medicine specialist is recommended. Tetanus occurs worldwide and diphtheria is endemic throughout many regions of the world. A free copy is available to download or order. Children adopted from countries in which there is a high prevalence of HB infection should be screened for HBsAg and, if positive, household or close contacts in the adopting family should be immunized before adoption or as soon as possible thereafter. At that time, they will be required to be fully vaccinated in accordance with CDC Technical Instructions for the status adjustment medical examination. Refer to Hepatitis A vaccine in Part 4 for additional information. Weather conditions vary by regions, with coastal areas offering milder climates, while in the north snow, ice or permafrost cover many parts of the country year-round. People new to Canada often return to their country of origin to visit friends and relatives. If there’s a problem with your medical exam, we’ll contact you in writing. Immunizations are not mandatory in Canada; however, in Ontario, and New Brunswick, proof of immunization is required for children and adolescents to attend school.
Yes, some vaccines are recommended or required for Canada. IME is required for: If the IME is not conducted prior to arrival (such as refugee claimants in Canada) it is done as soon as possible after arrival. You will not receive a reply. During the medical examination, a healthcare professional checks for specific diseases and assesses immunization status. As part of the health assessment, the following tests should be completed (if not already available from a completed IME) to determine the need for vaccines or contraindications to vaccination: Persons newly arrived in Canada lacking adequate documentation of immunization should be considered unimmunized and started on an immunization schedule appropriate for their age and risk factors unless known to be immune by serologic testing. For travellers presenting less than 21 days before departure, monovalent HA and HB vaccines should be administered separately, with the completion of both vaccine series as recommended.

Travellers born before 1970, who do not have documented evidence of receiving MMR vaccine on or after their first birthday, or laboratory evidence of immunity, or a history of laboratory confirmed measles or mumps disease, should receive 1 dose of MMR vaccine. Your medical exam results are good for 12 months only. You must pay all fees related to the medical exam when you’re there, including: If we refuse your application after your medical exam, we won’t refund those fees.

If you’re referred for an x-ray or other tests, you may be asked to present your identification again when you go for those tests. If the doctor works with eMedical, they’ll give you an information sheet print out. Refer to Immunization of Travellers in Part 3 for additional information. The goals of this program are to improve the health of refugees before and during travel, to reduce the risk of vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks, and to expedite school entry for children after arrival. For pre-exposure prophylaxis of infants less than 6 months of age, immunocompromised persons, and people for whom HA vaccine is contraindicated, human immune globulin (Ig) may be indicated. Refer to Hepatitis B vaccine in Part 4 and to the CATMAT Summary of recommendations for the prevention of viral hepatitis during travel for additional information. If they do, they will: Depending on your age, you may be asked to do chest x-rays and laboratory tests at the clinic or a laboratory. The doctor will give you a document confirming that you had a medical exam. [1] The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) [2] specifies the following vaccinations: Mumps, measles, rubella; Refer to Varicella (Chickenpox) Vaccine and Herpes Zoster (Shingles) Vaccine in Part 4 for additional information.

Statement on Pediatric Travellers. Concomitant immunization with hepatitis A (HA) and HB vaccines is recommended as HA vaccination is also indicated for travellers to endemic countries. The doctor may need to examine your breasts. Thus, U.S. immigration law requires adopted children (and all other immigrants) receive certain vaccinations before they can be granted an immigrant visa. Refer to Meningococcal vaccine in Part 4 for additional information. For immunization of adults that have not been immunized against polio, all doses should contain polio vaccine. The following immunizations may be a requirement of international law or proof of immunization may be considered a visa requirement: As a condition of entry, Saudi Arabia requires proof of meningococcal immunization for travellers arriving for the purpose of Umrah or pilgrimage (Hajj) and for seasonal workers. Amina with her two children Mohamed and Sundes. Last complete chapter revision: July 2015. Twelve years after fleeing her homeland of Somalia, she is settling into a permanent home. Accessed January 2017 at:, Committee to Advise on Tropical Medicine and Travel. A high proportion of individuals newly arrived in Canada may be susceptible to vaccine preventable diseases because of a lack of effective immunization programs in their country of origin. Refer to a WHO map of Hepatitis B, countries and areas of risk for additional information. If a panel physician associated with the International Organization for Migration does your immigration medical exam, they may offer you vaccines to update your immunization status before you arrive in Canada. Accessed January 2017 at:, Committee to Advise on Tropical Medicine and Travel. Vaccination for Immigrants. Refer to the WHO Polio Global Eradication Initiativ for the current status of polio around the world. For resources to support immunization and healthcare of refugees, contact the state health department where the refugees will settle. Judgment should be used when assessing the reliability or authenticity of immunization records of people new to Canada.

Accessed January 2017 at: When you go to your appointment for the medical exam, you must bring: You must also bring 4 recent photographs if the panel physician doesn’t use eMedical.

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