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I wondered this too, but in my first playthrough they disappeared before I defeated Scarecrow. Selina Kyle It’s heroic and outright cool. Episode 4 and 5 just dropped off a lot of issues the previous episodes discussed and I wish Penguin and the Lady arkham were more sympathetic, everything was there for them to be, their backstories and origin stories are really tragic and incredible but in the game they just come off as way too cartoony. Insidious as always, the bald mogul all but threatens to expose Batman if he isn't granted membership in the Justice League. Whether or not Bruce invited her to the Batcave after he warned her or didn't, Catwoman decides to return to the Pact's lair, the abandoned Old Five Points subway station, to inform them that the goggle headset needed for the raid on SANCTUS' hideout is ready. After a final dress fitting, Bruce has John do his makeup for a gala. The Witcher Series: The Mastery of Adaptation, Story Telling and Interactivity in Video Gaming, Pokémon: The Unique Experience of Fan-Made Games, Life’s Torments in Billy Wilder's The Lost Weekend, Grappling Hooks: The Integral and Defining Feature of Gaming, Literature Versus Science? His television credits include Chicago Med, Scandal and Extant. The secret is out: Batman is Bruce Wayne. If he tells the truth, Selina will be mad at him, but Bruce can still get her forgiveness if he cooperates with her. Other inmates were scared of him, particularly Victor Zsasz, who found him … They almost marry in 2018's Batman #50, but Selina backs out at the last minute. Why? Of course, Alfred Pennyworth knows Bruce Wayne is Batman, though referring to Wayne and Pennyworth as employer and employee hardly scratches the surface of their relationship. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The Answer May Surprise You! The second thing i didn’t like was two-face’s origin story and love triangle they had going on. Dr. Hugo Strange is almost as old as Batman himself. That usually isn't a problem, but it becomes one when those alternate Batmen are as malevolent as any foe our more familiar Batman has ever faced. As Batman sees it, the Joker knew Bruce Wayne owned the Batcave but couldn't bring himself to admit the Dark Knight was simply a mortal being. It doesn't excuse his obsessive behavior, but outside of Alfred Pennyworth, Elliot is perhaps Wayne's oldest acquaintance. While the threat of exposing Batman added another layer to the already tense film, The Dark Knight Rises turned the heat up to full blast. BurglaryPetty larcenyBreaking and enteringAssault and batteryVigilantismIllegal dealingsAttempted murder The two end up working together to fend off his men at the Stacked Deck they were both at, and Bruce has the option to try and kiss her, though Selina will not let him if he chooses to. Bruce can then choose to invite her into the Batcave to investigate the laptop as she begs to help him, but if he denies her request to help, then this causes her to violently attack him, resulting in a short fight that injures her further, causing her to angrily leave Wayne Manor while Alfred is disgusted by Bruce's act of harm towards her. I am Bruce Wayne!". If you're a Gotham detective assigned to sniff him out or a villain trying find his vulnerabilities, you have everything you need to know. If only for the metaness of Baker’s Batman vs. Hamill’s joker. In Batman #663, the Joker deftly tips his cap to Bruce while applauding his attempts at apotheosis: "Why be a disfigured outcast when I can be a notorious Crime God? The cliffhanger is weak AF. Batman has really had enough. In this case, Batman is forced to choose between killing three government agents trapped in death traps against the slow torture of another agent by sonic blasts. This series is so amazing because it gives us this amazing alternate universe with all these different portrayals of our favorite characters. Crazy theory, but what if Bruce Wayne is actually Batman?! The overarching narrative works well because Lady Arkham serves as the puppet master, pulling The Penguins strings throughout the story. Hi, I am a graduate from the Cleveland State English Department. In the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher films, most of Batman's love interests learn his identity. The brilliant villain was given a savage redesign that represented one of the cruelest versions of the character ever seen. I went after him first when given the option of him and the cop lady (which may have resulted in me getting a glitch where she was invisible for some reason in the aftermath of her shootout), and it was quite obvious that he would become two face. The Wayne Enterprises employee got a snake in his boots and decided to blackmail Lucius Fox with his alleged knowledge of Batman’s true identity. Freeze retaliates by freezing her left forearm in an attempt to restrain her afterwards before Catwoman flips Mr. Bruce didn’t care much about it, he thought fish were a good therapy. Bane | In classic Bruce Wayne fashion, he rebuts her with an easy, "You won't," then slides off the mask and deletes 99% of the mystery in their relationship. In contrast, other comics and films depict a more fallible protagonist, one who struggles with morally nuanced decisions and complex detective work. I love that they held off on going straight to the Joker. A bewildered Chill asks, “How do you know what really happened?” Batman then removes his cowl and stared into Chill’s crooked eyes: “I know because I am the son of the man you murdered! Whether they're enemies or allies — and they've been both — what Waller knows forces Batman to deal with her at a level of respect he doesn't often afford people without masks, much less government employees. It's undeniable that Deathstroke knows Bruce Wayne is the man behind the mask, and the mentor behind Nightwing's impressive combat skills: "But then, he did have the greatest teacher.". Harley Quinn | While Hush channeled his decades of rage against both Batman and Bruce Wayne, Riddler revealed to him that they were one in the same. Batman: The Telltale Series includes several iconic villain across its two seasons.

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