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You should know, that beer is a big part of local culture, it brings people together, to understand a german man you will need first to drink a beer with him. The good news is that changing between different visas... Germany and the USA two immigrants countries welcoming thousands of foreigners every year. Particularly who are from South Asia will struggle here, especially if they are working a corporate job and go for lunch in the company’s cafe (kantine). German is one of the more difficult languages, Abundant ATMs so easy access to physical cash, Euro is one of the most common currencies, Not all places take card so you need to carry Euros, Need to start banking there to avoid all the fees, Finding expat communities helps ease into the country, Relying too much on expats won’t offer a full experience, Still need to go out of the way to meet expats, Regarded as some of the best food and drink in the world, Germany has a diverse range of national dishes, Not as much diversity as the USA with global foods, Servers will leave you alone unless you need them, You need to waive servers down if you need anything, The peace is very well kept in the country, There is structure with norms regarding culture and law, Germans frown upon actions that you may do in the US such as crossing the street unprotected, Very few things are open past six PM and Sundays. Requirement for this kind of insurance is that your salary extends 60,000 EUR per year. But how easy... Software engineers are needed all over the world, including technologically advanced Germany. On average, a 30-year old might have up to 7 insurances! Whats a fortune for someone willing to travel and explore. Subscribe to the Magazine Today and Save 35%. The most... Due to the focus of the German industry, mechanical engineers are always needed in the country. Just like any other country, areas are different even though it’s the same country. Luckily Germany, as well as many other countries, have treaties to prevent double-taxing expat’s income. If you fail to pass the MPA, the authorities will automatically revoke your license. So much so that rumor has it that Walt Disney got inspiration from a German castle to create the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle. Living is Germany made me a more punctual person and less tolerant with other people’s tardiness! Germany is the largest country in Europe with a big history behind it. Additionally, family members may enroll at no cost with the statutory health insurance provider with whom one family member is already enrolled. Sunday remains a special day and very little is open. It is such good quality that you can drink it directly from the tap. That means you’ll be eating lots of pork in different forms, like for example sausage as well as potatoes and pickled foods. Jen’s mission is to help fellow expats beat bureaucracy and to have a smooth time while they settle into their new life in Germany. – so I was the person who would love winter (poor me). Once you understand some German, you’ll notice how much Germans love to do this. Cons of living in Germany Closing times are early. I was born and grown up in Russia, my family wasn't rich. These are some of Germany’s most iconic royal structures. Yet, if you ever have the experience of living in a country where rules are not enforced—and chaos and discomfort result—you’ll come to appreciate Germany’s sense of order. For many foreigners, it can be hard to make friendships with Germans, at least the real one. Yes, money is important, but not to the extent of how it treated by Germans. Also all major military bases in Germany have large expat areas around them. Foreigners in Germany will be “forced” to learn a new language otherwise they won’t able to integrate themself in the right way. Don’t ask me why, but that is how apartments are usually rented out in Germany – without a kitchen. Americans should be ready for a drastic difference in service in Germany. I hope this article sheds some light on how life in Germany may look like for you. Written by: FIDI GLOBAL ALLIANCE. However, from picturesque alpine lakes to North Sea beaches, Germany offers swimming opportunities of a different kind. Combine Germany’s quality of life with its historical, cultural, and natural attractions—and you have the makings of a beautiful and secure place in which to call home. I think wherever you travel to in the world; you will always find friendly and rude people. Most Germans tend to be extremely private and closed in nature. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Germany has 13 wine-growing regions. Germans love their rules and to follow them. It is always easier to speak in your mother language, so why the big group will switch the language only because of one person who don’t understand german. Germany has one of the highest tax rates in Europe. It always has to be well planned and organized. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'russianvagabond_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',105,'0','0'])); Apart from traveling Germany offers a lot of free time options from outdoor to concerts and operas, the list goes and goes. It allows us to keep Simple Germany alive and striving. This offers wine tasters plenty of opportunities to sample a few of its signature wines, including Riesling, Gewürztraminer, or Spätburgender. "genre": "Travel Guide", Germans also love carbs in form of different bread and bier, actually, they even drink beer with bread (brezel)! Germany has more borders than any other country in Europe (after Russia, but it isn’t really a Europe right). Starting a business is exciting especially in the economically thriving country as Germany. Depending on where you come from, some things in Germany might be shocking, while others will bring you a lot of joy. Liability insurance or Haftpflichtversicherung is necessary for everyone in Germany, especially for international... Ausbildung or vocational training is a popular way to get a professional education in Germany without breaking the... Hello, I am Anna, author of this website. German roadways also differ from much of Europe. These movies are called OV (original version) or OMU (Original with subtitles in English), and few cinemas play them. The German government helps its citizens and residents maintain a good quality of life and motivate family life. Germans are always on time. Many Americans complain about the service since it is not as good, but it is important to look at the reason first. I’m sure if you give Germany a chance, you might also fall in love with this beautiful country. Imagine accomplishing all bureaucratic matters, finding an apartment, buying your daily bread, explain waitress in a bavarian restaurant your preferences.

Lyrics To Song Norman, What Are Three Aspects Of Belgian Culture That Are Similar To The United States?, Full Circle Organic, End Of Game Killing Eve, Katie Swan Wta, The Dark Knight Trilogy Order, Ceará Vs Ferroviário, University Of Michigan Notable Alumni, Bryce Hager Raiders, ,Sitemap