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From: Robert Goodhart, Seri-Tek. Last modified: August 18, 2014, UC Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, Ca 95064. I recommend his class to anyone who ships Radioactive Material. Instructor was knowledgeable and made time to answer questions. Phil is the best instructor I've had in any hazmat class! Well done DGI! His eagerness to learn makes him a valued team member. Pamela was an excellent teacher. I'll be back.From: Chris Carroll, The Republic of Tea, Seminar: IMDG Recurrent Comments: Dawn is very thorough and professional. A bit negative Research has found that while novices prefer positive feedback (in order to boost their confidence), once people become experts in a subject area, they prefer negative feedback ( in order to step up their game). "Sarah is a wonderfully engaging presenter, very easy to listen to and the course was just the right mix of theory, practical demonstration and anecdotes - … He was open to questions and always had the answer. But, when I saw that Jerry Green was teaching I made it happen. I can tell he enjoys what he does and I hope he keep up the good work and continues.From: David Latimer, AV Group Inc. Seminar: IATA/49CFR RecurrentComments: Darryl Melton helped me to have a better understanding in both 49CFR and IATA regulations with his wealth of knowledge and applicable stories helped to put a better process in place at my current place of employment. DGI instructors provide details to perspectives to areas not provided in books. I appreciate the concise handouts that can be used for future reference as we face challenging situations. Ben reluctantly attends HR led training and vocally expresses his displeasure. Highly recommended to take his class again. From: Anonymous, Seminar: Multi-Modal RecurrentComments: Dawn was a great instructor. I would definitely take his class again!From: Elizabeth Powers, Alaska Airlines, Seminar: IATA/49CFR Recurrent  Comments: Vic Thomas is my favorite instructor with DGI. Nice relaxed environment for a DG Training class.From: Londa Odell, Forrest Paint Co. Seminar: OnsiteComments: The instructor was especially cheerful and courteous. From: Marty Black, Chat of Michigan, Seminar: Multi-Modal Recurrent Comments: Dawn is an excellent instructor, very patient and thorough. I'd take his class again in the future.From: Valerie Sarracin, Sumco, Seminar: OnsiteComments: Thank you for the work you put into the recent Dangerous Goods packing and shipping course we sponsored. and I think that keeps people awake the whole time.From: Tim Bronk, Int. It can help to bolster behavioral change as well as to reinforce positive behavior in the workplace by using positive feedback mechanisms. From: Christopher Reeson, Amco CustomsSeminar: RadioactiveComments: I have been in the radioactive material shipping business about 20 years. He kept the course interesting!From: Michele Stickel, Sigma-Adlrich, Seminar: IATA/49CFR RecurrentComments: Vic's years of experience and deep domain knowledge allow for him to relate real life, relevant experiences to students making the course more interesting and easier to follow.From: Jeffrey Wible, General Electric, Seminar: IATA InitialComments: The FAA representative was a great addition to the course. She found out what we handled and catered examples to us to make the course meaningful. I'll be back next time. The materials provided really helped put conflict resolution and good communication skills into perspective for us. As a company you should be very proud of Darryl Melton. I hope my refresher training goes just as well! To download this list as a … I have worked with Jerry at NWA and knew I would get more from his class than any other. Jerry was the best RAD shipping trainer I have encountered in the 10 years or so I've been shipping RAD material. From: Gary Czupryna, ITS, Seminar: IATA/49CFR InitialComments: I had instructor Vic Thomas during the same training in Boston in 2007 and he remains up to date and knowledgeable in all areas of DG training. At the end of any training session, offer each employee at your startup the opportunity to provide feedback on their perception of the effectiveness of training process, format and content. Jim gives off an air that he does not need training despite all of the changes affecting him and his team. The training was extremely interesting and useful. I enjoy learning about this material to help me do my job.From: Valynn Henderson, The Boeing Company, Seminar: RadioactiveComments: I've taken RAD shipping classes from quite a few other competitors. There are several key verbs we use in our performance review phrases for training, including: You can use these verbs when forming the phrase for the performance review, e.g. Thanks for a well presented program.From: Debra Carter, HSLI/MDPH, Seminar: IATA/49CFR RecurrentComments: Vic was a very good instructor. A training feedback form is a tool used to evaluate training sessions by gathering feedback from the participant(s) regarding the training program, facilitator, and training facilities. I have always used DGI and will continue to do so.From: Don Holter, USA Environment, Seminar: RadioactiveComments: Phil provides lots of humor (good and bad jokes!) From: Tom Holder, Delat Air Lines. Highly recommended.From: Sinisa Djordjevic, Sandia National Laboratories, Seminar: IATA Initial Comments: Instructor was very knowledgeable and professional. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor for this course. Comments: This is my third training class - the quality of training I receive continues to be excellent. She is amazing - keeps the class focused and interacting and ensures we understand fully. Every time I have ever taken a class I have enjoyed myself. Use this checklist to ensure training programs are clearly defined and contents are relevant to the employee’s role. Vic Thomas made the class very interesting by using examples that applied to the people in the class. Staff members [who have been in conflict] mentioned that they would feel comfortable contacting Nancy and working with her because of the excellent training. All Rights Reserved. From: Rikki Ward, BASF Corp, Seminar: 49CFR InitialComments: Exceptional instructor - energetic and knowledgeable.From: Matthew Williams, John Deere, Seminar: 49CFR/IMDG RecurrentComments: I thought the instructor did an excellent job. Very interactive! His energy helped keep the class going. While I only ship a specific class I feel confident in being able to step into other classes if need. From: Sarah Johnson, Dietl International Services, Seminar: Multi-modal recurrentComments: I enjoyed Darryl's teaching style and his instruction was a positive experience. Training Feedback Form. Seminar: IATA InitialComments: I came here with very little knowledge of IATA regulations and in 2 days I feed confident enough to complete a shipment on my own, which is very enlightening to me!From: Lorraine Taylor - Electric Boat Corp. Seminar: Multi-Modal Initial Comments: DGI still amazes me with the quality of instructors they provide. Feedback is a Gift Applying these to a specific issue that I am dealing with helped me get past a big hurdle. He provided breaks at good times so that the class did not become monotonous.From: Dawn Griggs, Landstar, Seminar: OnsiteComments: Darryl did an excellent job with difficult material. Applying these to a specific issue that I am dealing with helped me get past a big hurdle. I was able to retain much more in a 3-day course than 12 years in the military. … The overall class was more than expected as I found the instructor go out of the way to help on a regulation concern. He allowed many questions and comments. It wsa great to be immersed in the material and have it provided in several different ways. The number of comments isn’t as important as the quality of the feedback. The course is highly recommended.From: Kitty Ng, Argosy International, Seminar: Initial Comments: Darryl Melton was an exceptional trainer/instructor. Seminar: IATA Initial Comments: I learned a lot in this course. Bill does not take advantage of the training dollars offered for his team. Good experience overall. We would love to hear from you! It made the learning very easy. I would recommend him and this course. He makes things easy to follow and covers all information needed for my purposes. Jerrys love for his job kept me in tuned the whole way throughFrom: Happy Student in California, Seminar: ExplosivesComments: This course was very informative and interesting. From: Monica Cuellar, Wacker Chemical. Content was delivered clearly and concisely. From: Bob Heinson, Horizon Air, Seminar: Multi-Modal RecurrentComments: Pamela is a breath of fresh air on a particularly dry subject. Seminar: IATA RecurrentComments: Good teacher, good food, good test!From: Connie Hudnall, Nordson Corp. Seminar: IATA RecurrentComments:This is my 2nd time having Peter as an instructor. She stopped any time we needed anything and got us up to speed.From: Melissa Boutwell, 53 International, Seminar: IATA Initial Comments: Pamela Jones is the best trainer I've had (and I get a lot of training) - she knows her stuff, she gives good examples, she is clear and concise & fun delivery. This is my 6th time, and I learn something new every time.From: Joshua Gillock, Forrest Paint Co. Seminar: IATA RecurrentComments: This was well presented and a great refresher. Have you taken a DGI class and have something to say?

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